Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home Wet Bar Review and GIVEAWAY! CLOSED

Raise your hand if you love wine.

Everyone? I figured. ME TOO!

I love wine so much that I use it as a theme for all my parties and events. In fact, my wedding next year is going to be in wine country.... Once my parents agree to pay for it, of course.

I love wine so much, that I decorated my apartment around it.

When HomeWetBar.com send me the wine candelabra, I couldn't have been more thrilled. I had always wished there could be a way for my to save my wine bottles for another purpose and HomeWetBar.com gave me just that!

It's so wonderful to be able to use a finished bottle of wine for home decor.

And what I love the most, which is kinda cheesy but very important.... the ability to change the bottle.

If I'm entertaining someone who loves cabernet, I'm gonna stick this over a bottle of Cab!

But for the most part, I'll keep it on various bottles of Pinot Noir... my true love.

Have you been wanting to accessorize your home with something unique? Something wine or bar related?

Well look no further than HomeWetBar.com

And to help one of you get closer to having something distinctly unique in your home, the generous folks at HomeWetBar.com have offered to give one of you, your choice of any item under $30!

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*Contest ends May 15th, 2011 at midnight EST

Monday, April 18, 2011

TSB Creations giveaway and discount!

What can I say about yoga. It's freakin difficult the first few times. I had no idea how inflexible I was.  My muscles ached for days. But the instructor assured me with continued practice, things would get better.

But I wasn't convinced about yoga just yet. I bought a 2 week trial at a local place and it was crazy popular. I was lucky if I wasn't hugging the person right next to me, and I also felt a little jealous. They all clearly had been doing it longer.
I stuck with it, though. I kept trying all different kinds of classes, and then I came upon the hip hop yoga class. The instructor was super inspiring and funny. She actually had us do some hip hop moves in between poses. It was fun!
And then... my flexibilty improved. My endurance lasted longer. The silence and peace at the end of the session relieved stress and anxiety... and well... I was standing taller! (ok maybe just straighter... terrible posture).

Yoga is a different experience for different people, so it was great to hear Tonya's story. She created this yoga bag and is the designer behind TSB creations on etsy.
Tonya has been doing yoga for 10 years. For her, it's about bringing the body and mind together. When she found the instructor for her, she was pleasantly surprised and her yoga experience has been great ever since.

A very good friend of Tonya's is also into yoga and Tonya made her first yoga mat bag as a present for her friend. It was a big hit so she made a few more, including the one you see above.

Yoga has been a great inspiration for Tonya. She loves to embroider and found inspiration in embroidering yoga themes onto fabric and then making those into useful products.

Tonya has been crafty since she was a child, and her talent was encouraged by her mother, starting with embroidery. She continued to expand with sewing and now she sells her beautiful creations!

What makes TSB Creations unique is that in addition to being handmade, many of the products are also hand embroidered with Tonya's own designs.

"I know there are some other more intricate designers out there but they use machines to create and implement those designs, my hands do everything in my shop"-Tonya.

And with those hands, Tonya has created cute mini-purses that I now have the priviledge to give away to you!

Use them for make-up or as a clutch! However you'd like.

If you can't wait to win, Tonya has offered a discount for all readers for the duration of this giveaway!
Use the code roxy10 to receive 10% off your order!
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chocolates by Joanne review and GIVEAWAY!

I've been to plenty of weddings in my lifetime and my favorite thing is the wedding favor that is sitting by my plate. I always hated those hard candies. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about (and maybe you love them).

I am of the personal belief that you can never go wrong with chocolate, especially the artisan chocolate that you really can only get at specialty shops.

When Joanne from Chocolates by Joanne sent me some samples of her chocolate, I fell in LOVE.

I received a couple of chocolate-covered Oreos, a chocolate daisy lollipop and a chocolate sunflower lollipop.

I'll start with the chocolate-covered Oreos. So when Oreo announced double-stuffed cookies, I thought God had answered my prayers. Little did I know Oreos could be used for something better! The confetti all over the Oreos were fun... and the taste... oh the taste... yum yum yum!

The next day I tried the chocolate sunflower lollipop. (Are you all impressed with my ability to wait a day before trying another sample?) The smooth and creamy chocolate melted in my mouth. It was so delicious that I sucked on the lollipop stick for a long time before finally realizing I had eaten every little bit of chocolate.

All of the chocolates are made out of creamy and delicious Merckens chocolate. The majority of chocolate is molded. Some designs are done by hand. ALL of the designs are painted by free hand.

Joanne started making chocolates almost 20 years ago as gifts for family members. Her popularity grew and now she has an online store! In addition, several private shops and boutiques in the New York and New Jersey area sell her chocolates.

When you check out the website for Chocolates by Joanne, you will see that there is a chocolate favor for any occasion! There are over 5000 items from which to choose, so if you don't see what you want on the website, feel free to contact Joanne and ask!

I bet your mouth is watering. You are dying for a chocolate-covered, decorated Oreo huh?

How about 9 of them?

Joanne has kindly offered a giveaway prize of 9 Chocolate Covered Party Oreos in a Box to one (1) lucky winner!

If you can't wait to win, visit Chocolates by Joanne and use the coupon code bloggers for 10% off orders valued $60 or more!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Yoga Bag review and GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

I was introduced to Groupon less than a year ago, and as a foodie and fitness lover I've been taking advantage of many deals in the Boston area.

When a deal came up for yoga, I thought I'd give it a shot. A girl-friend of mine was already into the practice at the same studio so I started going with her.

It takes a little getting used to, but I now love it. It has been such an inspiration and stress reliever that I just had to share it with you guys.

So when Carolyn from Shop Earthangie on Etsy sent me a yoga bag to review, I thought the perfect way to introduce you guys to my interest in yoga would be with a GIVEAWAY!

This hand-made yoga bag tote is made with fabric. It has more than one layer to make it sturdy. There is a nice long handle to throw it over your shoulder and a pocket for small items such as car keys. The thing I love the most is that it can be thrown in with your next load of laundry!

Carolyn made this yoga bag when she thought about how easy it could be to make her own. She tried with success and then decided to make more and sell them for less so people could still buy something and have money left over for class!

Most of Carolyn's sewed "creations" do not come from a pattern, yoga bags included. She will start with the most simple layout,  master the pattern and then start to get fancy. Over time,  she found different ways to attach straps. In addition, some bags have buttons, some have drawstrings, some have velcro flaps and some are left open. Some have pockets on the outside and some don't. Anything can be requested of Carolyn, she lets people tell her what they want if they don't see what they need.

Carolyn has been crafty since childhood. She started with art, which can be found here, and crafts popped up here and there throughout her life. Her inspiration comes from an Affinpincher, named Emma, from "Little Paws 4 U", an organization based out of Rhode Island that transports mistreated and abandoned dogs up north to new homes.

Being a "southern belle" and not fond of rain or wind, going outside for Emma quickly became an obstacle as it was autumn when she was adopted getting COLD! Carolyn's mother had sewn together a one layer, two piece fleece for her chihuahua so Carolyn took the pattern and made one for Emma. Then Carolyn thought - why not make and sell dog coats?

That's where she started on etsy and entered the craft world of selling and going to shows, through dog coats. With her "distracted" brain, Carolyn has veered off and done tons of different things.

When Carolyn walks into a store, she keeps her eyes open to notice pretty things. When she does she thinks, "how can I figure out how to make that?" Then she doe... and hopes you like it too.

And I think you will, as one of you lucky readers will win this Sweetheart Yoga Mat bag!

Visit Shop Earthangie on etsy and comment with your favorite item! You must leave your email in the comment as well.

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